Ultramagnetic MC's

Crush Kill Destroy

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(Moe Love..)

[Ced and Keith alternating]
Now we're the Ultramagnetic - out to devestate
Bust brains - chop heads - specifically kill!
Act ill - smack suckers - yes - impossible
To obliviate - and suffocate

[both together]
Any duck MC who perpetrates
Interferes - they will be

CRUSH.. KILL.. DESTROY (sucker MC's)
They will be
CRUSH.. KILL.. DESTROY (sucker MC's)
DESTROY (sucker MC's)

[Kool Keith]
I'm very hazardous, hot and flammable
Like diesel - high aluminum fuel
I'll burn - never heat at degrees
of seven, two thousand milligrams
Containing, positive to heights
Through particles, gold, neptunium
Accelerates, directly exterminates
As abusin, a nuclear experiment
Effective, by accumulating skulls
in the basement, my Ultra laboratory
Underground, sealing up humans
in a coffin, Keith's funeral home
In order to destroy and...

CRUSH.. KILL.. DESTROY (sucker MC's)
CRUSH.. KILL.. DESTROY (sucker MC's)

[Ced Gee]
I'm exploding! Blowing up germs
On the mic! With the fury to burn
Every transforming rapper, off beat tapper
At a ratio and speed, proceding rapidly
With reflectors, shielding off suckers
Boosting scanners, launching deadly missiles
With a charge very high, aimed at our position
What I'm saying - I'm really on a mission
As a Secratron{?}, my foes must beware
I'm re-entering, to add and {?}
As the wizard scientist, known as Ced Gee
Unpredictable to most, impeaching coast to coast
As I

CRUSH.. KILL.. DESTROY (all sucker MC's)
CRUSH.. KILL.. DESTROY (sucker MC's)

[Kool Keith]
I have intelligence, a mind to rule the world
Specifically, under orbital speed
Capabilities, appear to be superior
Competing, far beyond thought
As a scientist, scientifically equipped
with laser beams
That destroy, melt, subivocly
Into bones, forming, skeletons
through a diagram
I'm out to kill the devil with a zone pitchfork
Poking MC's, interfering
Diluting my radius, here's a warning
Signs to be cautious, from the general speaker
Corporal Kool Keith as I

CRUSH.. KILL.. DESTROY (all sucker MC's)
CRUSH.. KILL.. DESTROY (sucker MC's)
CRUSH.. KILL.. DESTROY (every sucker MC)

[Ced Gee]
With {?} bright, unpolished adversary
While projecting microscopic, beams of farenheit
Using major high-tech strategic arms offense
Supplied by Washington's, President Reagan
I can LOCATE any duck by use of monitors
Track you down, causing terror, confusing every foe
With the use of proper data relayed by info
Higher voltage energies are used to plan attack
Rockin certain strategies, my act
will decapitate suckers, moving left to right
On the mic I recite and scorch with cyanide
Any toy MC, Ced Gee will dominate, as I

CRUSH.. KILL.. DESTROY (all sucker MC's)
CRUSH.. KILL.. DESTROY (sucker MC's)
CRUSH.. KILL.. DESTROY (every sucker MC)
CRUSH.. KILL.. DESTROY (sucker MC's)

[Ced Gee]
Aww yeah I'd like to thank my man MC Ronald T
For helpin us run the record
And of course TR Love, my man Shazam
The human sound machine Greg Nice
Big John, LeRon, chillin
And of course Kool DJ Red Alert
Boogie Down Productions, the Awesome Two
DJ Teddy Ted
Fort Greene Mission Posse, South Bronx

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