The Sun


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Have you ever wanted to run away and hide?
Forget about the world? Find that we're forever fine
Well, wreckless abandon is for squares
You can feel the pulse and you know what's under there
They say that it would take a nation of millions to change the world
Who wants to change the world?
I just want you and me to find some place
Where we could cry

Oh, cry
We'll shed those bitter tears
Oh, cry, oh cry, oh cry

Now some might say that we would be running scared
Running scared
We would just goff and look the other way
To politely say we don't care
'Cause they don't know how to make duds feel loved like we do
Nor could they ever fool the fucking wicked kind that makes the screams go away
And all our tears will say cry

Oh, cry
We shed those bitter tears
Oh, go 'n cry, oh cry, oh

Baby I'll hold you
In my arms
'Til we're old and dry
No I'll never let you go
'Cause if you left me
I would lay down and die

Oh, cry, oh cry
Shed those bitter tears for when you cry
Oh, cry, oh cry, oh cry

Oh, cry, just cry
Oh shed those bitter tears
Oh, cry for someone 'sides me