A Life Divided

Cry For Help

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How can we smile
When everything's unright
Another child dies
On the other side
How can we smile, how can we smile
How can we smile

How can we deny
The pain and the strife
We cause all the time
To stay in the line
How can we feel fine, a part of us dies
They won't survive

How can we shut our eyes
Pretending to be blind
Every once in a while
Blame the world for it's inside
How can we hide, how can we smile
How can we smile

And how can we lie
In the face of a child that
Is begging for life
Can't get no sleep at nights
How can we pass by, a part of us dies
How can we lie

This is no fake
This is no threat
This is for people we forget
This is no hate
This is no beg
It's just a cry for help

It's been a long while
Since we've been parted in our lives
With narrow minds
We try to save our own child
How can we hide, how can we smile
How can we smile

It's not that we were unlike
We're all of the same kind
Glad to be alive, we all try to live right
Sometimes we hide, sometimes we smile
Sometimes we cry

Well it is about time
To scrutinize our sights
To realize
We're together on one side
Together we smile, together we cry
Together we die

For as long as we try
To not open our insides
We won't stop the fight
Against our own tribe
How can we lie, how can we smile
How can we lie

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