Ex Deo

Cry Havoc

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From the smell of the blessed lands
We march for glory to conquer
In the name of the fatherland
We bleed the blood of the Gods
The sun calls upon us
Legions to free Rome
I've touched your faith and you've touched my blade
The moon's lunar rays peek through the mist of the evening fog
The wind whispers the sounds of war
Speak to us of domination, avenge oh glorious Caesar
For thy wounds shall be healed, for all populous of Rome
Dawn awakens the slumber
Prepare ourselves for victory
Arm ourselves with steel of faith
Engage the enemy
For everyone they kill, we shall kill ten
For every moment lost, time never stops
For every sorrow given a new death stricken
For every breath I take, I feel the world shake
Centurion. . . Move forward
Conflict, eternal
Blood centurions
Internal chaos
Monarch's of Hell
Pompeii to fall (Brutus Faction) defeat is imminent, Hail Caesar!
Octavian to rule. . .
The civil war is over
The Battle of Philippi gone
Long live Gaius Julius Caesar
As Emperor I shall reestablish the Roman Empire
Restore its facade born is the Praetorian Guard
An era of change comes
Border frontiers secured
Build the foundation lost
Pax Romana

Autor(es): Maurizio Iacono