Peter and The Test Tube Babies

Crying In The Snow

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I'm gonna' tell you a lil' story now, about unrequited love .. ..

There must be something better, there must be something more,
there must be some good reason for loving you therefore ..
Oh I, I, I, I wish i'd never met her.

The laziness of loving, the feeling insecure,
the waste of something precious, you know you've been here before.
I wish i'd never met her.

Should I give up breathing ?
I never lose the feeling.
Should I be the hard one ?
I'll just end up with no-one.

This time we've had between us, the time we've had apart.
The silence getting longer, the pause that just won't stop.
I wish i'd never met her.

I know you've got your reasons, I know you've got to go.
What's the use of lying ?
I'd end up cryin' in the snow, I wish i'd never met her.

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