Crying Under the Fortress of God

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A square created around me
To smother me (awakening)

I chant incantations madly
A burden it will be
For you, in me, for me, for thee

I will awake
To lose the burden in me
It is so sad, for pain

That unknown pain
Can only be spoken in death

In depths your soul corrodes away
You rave in pain, you bastard

No one condemns me
No one defiles my mastery
You cannot kill me
Ultimate strength in me

The secret way
Where I came from
A burden to bear
Again unearthly (eternally)

Swan in a cosmic sphere above your head
As abstract shape I will dethrone you
No one will ever pray for me
I was gone, but I have returned to the beginning

Crying under the fortress of god
Denying under the fortress of god
Sighing under the fortress of god
Dying under the fortress of god