Richard Clapton

Cry Mercy Sister

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I don't wanna crawl
After you anymore,
I held you like a rose,
But you cut me like a thorn,
Gee yeah - that's fine,
I'll forget you in time,
If you stop sending me letters,
With a razor between the lines,
And the big wheel keeps on turning,
Keeps spinning round and round,
But deep down in this corner of me heart,
I keep wshing, you would just get out.


Cry mercy sister,
You act pretty tough
Cry mercy sister,
Get going, I've had enough
Cry mercy sister.

Baby you keep saying
That we've gotta give it time,
But you don't seem aware
That I'm way past caring,
And I'm slowly goin' out of my mind,
You go chitter-chatter, chitter-chatter
Baby does it really matter?
You've got amouth,
Bigger than the Opera House,
The front door keeps on slamming
These hands keep pushing me away,
And deep down in this corner of my heart,
I keep wishing for a brand new day


Autor(es): Richard Clapton

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