Rhonda Vincent

Cry Of The Whippoorwill

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Now listen close and you can hear
Their mournful cries ring through the darkness
Lovers lost and all alone
Spirits two forever roam

Like a nightbird's wail when the wind is still
The sound of river and a whippoorwill
Like the driving rain on a roof of tin
Her words of love call out to him

In the chill of the night through falling snow
Two hearts run wild nowhere to go
Crossing hills and valleys wide
To meet once more on the other side

It's a bitter Wind that sings her song
About a love so right and yet so wrong
And promised hearts where passions dwell
No one can see no one can tell

Souls lost in time they were never found
Frozen in (?solid?) on the cold hard ground
Forever wild forever free
Wrapped in the arms of eternity

Lovers lost and all alone
Spirits two forever roam

Autor(es): Rhonda Vincent / Terry Herd

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