Frozen Mist


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The petals of that rose have finally fallen to the floor,
The screams have ended as you reach heaven's door.
The tears in my eyes wish you the sweetest end,
May this be the time that both our hearts shall mend.
We are both now free from those suffocating chains,
And precious memories are all that still remain,
Though tomorrow will be empty without you here,
The clouds are parting and things seem more clear.
I won't lie and say this nightmare was a fairytale,
That our love was so smothered by a blackened veil.
A delicate web of pretence momentary affections,
Blackened eyes peering out a fragile reflection.
When you left a part of me died,
After all
I was still a piece of you,
But the stars are black this angry sky,
And the wind is whispering our lullaby.
May the hate and torture fade,
Wish the angels keep your hurt at bay,
And now as the pain and violence cease,
We will find each others shackled peace.
I continue to drift away from your presense,
The edge of denial
I stand tall without a face.
Twisting the apathy of my dreaming seclusion,
I find repose, hiding in the sands of eternal fate.
You speak lies, audacity dies, euphoric testament, possessed cries.
Woven messages a slur of obituary,
A recollection of slaughter embedded.
Malicious connection with spirits alike,
The sacrificial stones: a rune in my head.
Plagued upon the rapture of my hidden faith.
A crimson disguise so hollow
I fail to believe.
The bloody tears drain out of my mind,
Poetic seizures welcome me into the black,
Convulsions of fear
I rot in desire,
You taste my flesh so pure and unclean.

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