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An earthbound species that must adapt to this new routine
Physical transformations, over time help facilitate survival.
Gradual adaption as the poison infiltrates the indigenous.
Depopulating the ranks of the chosen.

Feed the dead to the starving, forced to cannibalize
Ingestion speeds up the incubation process

Suspended animation, cryogenic sleep cycles
Descendants that are hybridized for violence.
Offspring languish to thin the herd.
Building up a resistance to inoculate the tribe.

Heteromorphic, the change is ongoing.
Biofilm repairs sickness through a complex internal matrix.
With a multitude of imperfections these colonists rise above.
Using disadvantage to their advantage.
Secular humanists they are not.

Hibernating mutoids strengthen from within.
Molecular sequencing for optimal usage.
An outer sanctum constructed with a purpose.
Not by the dwellers that inhabit.

Extinguish the flames of hopes and desire.
Shut down the emotions that weaken.
Imprisoned by this hate and rage.
A colony that is now a horde.
Biologic sentries mobilize.