Toby Turner

Crysis 2

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Crytek. signal's weak.
Ea, off, on, rotate.
Helicopter fly away.
Car alarm saved the day.
Evacuation manhattan sealed off.
The best looking game on consoles cvg.
Underwater liberty pan cut city.
Night time cut to the beat,
Pan stop.
Signs say invasion,
Ship levitation bloom.
Pc gamer's mind got blown.
Missile goes through the air
To unleash some ownage.
Gas masked guard guarding
Gas masked prisoners.
Pull a girl away from her stylish visitor.
9 out of 10 from xbox mag editor.
Missile to the left, missile to the right.
Blow up the street snake,
Or it becomes a tower snake.
Curvy missile sends a metal
Dragon face into a bus.
Shoot a bridge at night,
And it 'splodes in the daytime.
Down goes the pylon.
Airborne cylon!
Left arm pan up,
Zoom into your helmet.
Is that a friendly helicopter?
Hell no. missile threat.
Be strong.
Grab a gun, kick a dude.
Jump attack.
Jump out the window.
Tank round slow mo.
You will regret that (you're dead).
Be fast.
Long jump through some glass.
Shoot a robot's crotch.
That's the strongest fire hydrant
In the world.
Jump on glass.
Be invisible to play hide and seek.
Or murder people.
Hide in a park and murder people.
Jump out a window murder people.
Evil at-st! shoot it! slide!
Shoot the bomb!
Shoot the beach, with a tank!
Turn right.
Drop a bomb like a g6.
Star wars.
Tank bombing.
Fall, shoot, burning.
Suicidal bot emp-ing
Snipe a gas tank,
Stand on a tank tank.
See you in hellicopter
Now it's time to make an awesome pose.
Don't mind the giant wave.

Autor(es): Toby Turner