Frozen Mist


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Bring forth the dark angel, those crystal eyes
A melody structured in a fear that makes us cry.
Pillars falling down towards the broken skies
Solidify the pleasant colors of beauty to fly.

I caress your soft face unscarred to the touch
Withering memories shattered in eternal rust.
Come to life in a dream of elaborate lust
Desecrations a seranade shred-torn into dust.

Blink your eyes, turn to stone
Chrome silver majesty floating high
You mimic every movement.
Dance in peril, my shameful erotica
Blasting the resistance to forever die
Watch my every movement.

Turn to grey shard, heaving the reward
Enter into my black domain, your new home
Tarot readings I see your negative future
Behold the captivity, a magical summoning.

Scornful creation you bleed my tears
Forever fall in eternal fears.

Scornful creation twisting your mind
You crystalize and rape me blind.

The breeze whispers your name
Desires penetrate under the skin
Pure admiration feed into you
Your hair so melodic to the touch
Breathe a crystal out of your soul
Embraced fluids form the shard
Hollowness resides inside the core
Crystalize my thoughts and burn within.

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