Crystal Purity Of Treachery

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Population defect, feedback into the seed
degeneration, inner ride to hide the truth...deep
Intelligence coma, will for victory,
no more time for heroes, this is, this is treachery
This is treachery

Confidence betrayal, authority's fall
behind the black curtain,
hate frozen to crystals...cold,
Feeding with more bullshit, in this life parody,
favourite back stabbing, this is this is treachery
This is treachery

Sanity point zero, speaking through the frost
refused look in the mirror, promised land-paradise lost
Worshipping the wrong masters,
being the king of the weak,
crossing self-made limits, this is, this is treachery
This is treachery

Slime-the maasses throwing up with slime
turn into snakes inside
Subconscious engraved and dumb,
black ravens have to smile
Wild howling wolves realize,
meaning of common trust
How to pay back for treachery
with broken bones theory