Crystal Tears

Crystal Tears

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You've been crying crystal tears
Like teardrops they're falling down
Innocence disappears
As your heavy heart falls to the ground
This heavy heart falling down
And it's still crying but there's no one in sight
'Cause there's a young man calling out

How is it possible there's children crying no one hears
They all just sit in silence with all those fears
This can't be logical it's time to tell what lies behind
Behind the truth you hide for years

Still crying crystal tears
Lost in your own little world it's a crying shame
Alone little stranger's
Still crying crystal tears 'cause these tears will break

No room to move or breath
Nor freedom do you feel
Locked up inside your world

Still crying crystal tears...

Our children's lives are a sovereign affair
So we must protect them all
'Cause this bit of love that we have we must share
To pick them up if they fall

Too many people turn a blind eye when my know it's wrong
'Cause they can't help hiding those fears
And there's many children alone inside still we sing the same old song
While they're crying crystal tears