Crywank Are Posers

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Bored, distract myself with what is given
Corpse, all my ideas stay unwritten

I can try harder, I can be better, I can do more, but I know I won't
And I know apathy, and I know acceptance, and a lack of motivation is what they want

I can have beliefs and I can wear them on my sleeve
But I will do nothing about them, just stay in an' look at screens
Oh, this life spent basking in the blue light

I can speak of change, but in the end, I feel ashamed

Because although I can explain, I do not act on what I say
A waste of time is hearing what is on my mind

Mind, active, trapped inside a stationary body
Down, down, down and out, I feel a constant sense of waiting

Pious reflections on things I have only just come to understand
Riotious hypocrisy bubbling from the lips of a lazy young man

Autor(es): Crywank