Arjen Anthony Lucassen

Cry Yourself To Sleep

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You had all you wanted
At least that's what they told you
But all you ever wanted
Was someone to care for you
And so they left you
And sent you away
To a place so far from home
Where all the children like to play
So why? - did you cry yourself to sleep...

Nobody loved you
At least that's how you felt it
You tried so hard to make the others
Notice you were there
Unlike a lady
You make them look your way
And all the boys were chasing you
They liked the ´games´ you played
But still - you cried yourself to sleep...

But now it's over
At least that's how i planned it
And if i had my way
I'd turn those nightmares into dreams
Can you hear the wind blow?
I can hear it all
If you listen very hard
There'll be an answer to your call
I'm right here - don't cry yourself to sleep
Oh no, you don't have to
No you don't have to cry yourself to sleep

Autor(es): Arjen Anthony Lucassen

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