(i'll See You In) Cuba

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[1st verse:]
Not so far from here
There's a very lively atmosphere
Ev'rybody's going there this year
And there's a reason
The season opened last July
Ever since the U.S.A. went dry
Ev'rybody's going there and I'm going, too
I'm on my way to

Cuba, there's where I'm going
Cuba, there's where I'll stay

Cuba, where wine is flowing
And where dark-eyed Stellas
Light their fellers' Panatellas

Cuba, where all is happy
Cuba, where all is gay

Why don't you plan a
Wonderful trip
To Havana?
Hop on a ship
And I'll see you in C.U.B.A.

[2nd verse:]
Take a friend's advice
Drinking in a cellar isn't nice
Anybody who has got the price
Should be a Cuban
Have you been longing for the 'smile'
That you haven't had for quite a while?
If you have, then follow me and I'll show the way
I'm on my way to

[Counterpoint Refrain:]
Why don't you do your drinking like a Cuban
Instead of hiding in a cellar?
Since Prohibition, tell me, pal, have you been
A very frightened little feller?

Why don't you pour it from the bottle
'Stead of a tiny silver flask?
Drink your Scotch, rum and gin
Where the dries can't get in
The finest bars are there, cigars are there
That only are made in Cuba

I'm not a drinking lady, I never smoked a Panatella
But I'm a she who likes to be where all is gay, okay!

So let us leave our cares and troubles behind
And tell 'em our new address
Is where they stay up late and drink till they're blind?
Blind, but nevertheless
They're glad to see you in C.U.B.A.

Why don't you travel with us on a train or a bus
To Miami where we can begin
To plan a wonderful trip on a plane or a ship
That'll take us from Florida to Havana?
See you in C.U.B.A!

[Alternate Lines:]
Cuba, that's where I'm going
Cuba, that's where I'll stay

And where those dark-eyed Stellas