Culinary Pathology

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The process of pyosisification
The onset of posthumous gangrene
The putrid stench of your decomposing bowels
The morbid foetor of your crepitated spleen…

Your innards wallow in the cess
Your abdominal cavity’s a sticky mess
The syrupy gastro-rectal paste
Is your purulent cadaveric waste…

Slurping the pyostic goulash
Feasting on sticky pustulated suppuration
Alcoholic dissolution ferments
As my necrotic thirsts are sloppily quenched…

Oozing guts devoured
Sickening innards ground
Helping myself to mouthfuls
Of your festering cadaveric mound…

Suck - the rot
Vomit - the meal
Culinary, pathology…

Impaled through a life
Of gore and extreme hate
Your bloody trunk decomposed
On my ensanguined dinner-plate…

Autor(es): Exhumed