Headhunter D.C.

Cursed Be Thou

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Cursed be the day you were born
May that day turn into murkiness
Extend on it the darkest of the clouds
And banished be the sounds of joy
May be closed the doors of your mother’s womb
Occult abortion, oh, you’d never exist
Darkness it shall be in your eyes
Like children that have never seen the light

Dies Irae
Thunders in the skies
Let’s celebrate
Tribulation and torment
Raise your hands
Let’s celebrate

Cursed be the night you were conceived
May that night become sterile
Invade it the shade of death and chaos
And banished be the splendor of the stars
May it dry your father’s seed
A rotting fruit, oh, in great desolation
Emptiness it shall be in your soul
Like a black hole in the immensity of nothingness

Noctis Horrendae
Lightning in the skies
Let’s celebrate
No ascension, but fall
Raise your hands
Let’s celebrate

I condemn thee I despise thee
I abominate thee I deny thee

Cursed be thou eternally

I am the whip of the serpent’s tongue
Sip the poison of the horrors of your God
I am your perpetual stain
Getting hurt on your scars repeatedly
I am the killer of your light
Scaring you with the most frightening dreams
I am your eternal prier, dead eyes
And with morbid visions I haunt you

I curse your life and bless your death
And before you only your grave
You know you are no more

I am the one who gives birth to the iniquity
While there are the skies you won’t rest
I am the opposite of your redemption
All the animosity against you
I am the whisper of the winds of death
Touching your (repugnant) soul in your last breath
I am the brother of the jackals, dead eyes
In unholy mourning I wake you hatefully

Consummatum Est
Fire in the skies
Let’s celebrate!
Damnation and death
Raise your hands
Let’s celebrate!

Autor(es): Headhunter D.C

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