Curse Of The Underworld

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Across the river of Styx, in the island of the dead
Awaits a Titan, the shadow keeper of the underworld
Centuries of evil, enter the realm of evil
Venomous blood flows through its veins
Two-headed beasts guard the gate
Eyes of fire, salivating jaws of blood
Slay the beast, the time has come
In dark and misty caverns it awaits
Serpent head of evil, lurking in the shadows
Hear the hiss of the venomous serpent
Glowing eyes, face of death, now turn to stone
Curse of the underworld!!!
Look towards the shield, see its face
Fires of the throne, you will not be saved
Complexion cold as ice, an entity of the unconscious mind
The beheaded Titan, acidic blood
Curse of the underworld!!!
[solo: Valac]
Clawed stinging creatures come to form
From her blood they spawn up from the ground
Medusa, serpent archer of the underworld, now cast down
I am the shadow keeper
The evil will now be passed down
Curse of the underworld!!!

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