Anneliese Van Der Pol

Cute Boys With Short Haircuts

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Seems like one of those "where did I go wrong?" days
can't stop crying and I guess I'm not so strong days
Lost the only guy I'd ever had
Seems like one of those seems like I've been scarred years
can't get out of bed and life is kinda hard years
No one ever made me feel so sad

Now all I see are cute boys
With short haircuts walking by in a blur
And all I see is him and me
The way we always were
that's how it goes when cute boys with short haircuts
Set your senses astir
He says he's true then ditches you for her

When you find a man, you don't wanna share him
But there's someone always thinking she can snare him
Laying out the perfect little trap
You can play it safe - sure you got a smart plan
Soon it's just another love can fall apart plan
Guess sometimes we all could use a map
To steer us through

The cute boys with short haircuts
In a maze of their own
And here I am a little lamb who's lost and all alone

Surrounded by the cute boys with short haircuts
Sitting high on some thrown
And here below unseen and so unknown

There was a time when everyone would notice me
Before whatever strength I had was gone
I'd die for things to be the way they used to be
But nothing stops the world from moving on

And nothing stops the cute boys with short haircuts
Who surround me each day
Not so grand or in demand
Or pretty like they say
Not pretty like the cute boys with short haircuts
With the games that they play
The games of all the cute boys with broad shoulders
Loving all they survey and loving being cute boys
With low voices and low morals and no interest

Cute boys with short haircuts
Never looking my way
So here I sit and that's how it will stay
Thanks to shattered trust and some slight disgust
No more cute boys with short haircuts
And I guess that's just okay

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