Artifex Pereo

Cut Sign

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Walk. Keep up with me, don't look back
Don't look at the dying men
The devil is in this dust and he's calling on us
Each rock is a tombstone that rests a soul whose bargain was not upheld
The peaks and the canyons, so beautiful, hold collections beneath this ground
The river's gone, for the earth is deprived as well
We need a new kind of prayer to beat this hell
Son, be strong
Remember why we chose to risk our lives
Picture your mother with a roof above her head and a smile that never ends
This test is one that will earn us all we deserve
I'll be damned if imaginary lines keep us away from the land known for its harvesting of hopes and dreams
I'll be damned if a fellow man decides my family's fate
With enchantments and deceptions, coyotes led us to a certain death
Pockets lined with greed, shared like our blood
But our greed was born to different mothers
We're getting close… or maybe just wishing so
Burning flesh and swelling backs have left us crawling through failure
Suffocating, swelling hearts hang by the threads sewn by loved ones

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