Cymatic Hallucinations

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Embracing madness
I break through and bear witness
To the world melting away
To the echoes of cymatic hallucination

Infinite frequencies
Vibrations translate instantly
Into patterns that invade and saturate
My perception through cymatic hallucination

Augmenting the limits of reality
To ridiculous capacities
Complexity awakening
The walls of consciousness are caving in

My mind expands and strives to understand
Omniscience through cymatic hallucinations
This is just a doorway
To a greater state of mind

A glimpse beyond the fallacy
Vivid clarity through my third eye
Molting, toxic, conditioning
My soul cleansed, solace, unlimited

Complete integration, spirituality
Interpretation through a lens of clarity
Disintegration of disparities
Hallucinations, or reality?

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