Bill Anderson

Daddy And My Mama And Me

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My daddy and my mama and me walkin' on this old burnt ground
Must be a hundred and three travelin' from town to town

Maybe we can find work today sweatin' in this old hot sun
Then we can buy something to eat before another day is done
The harvest has sure been slow the drought hit us hard this year
But daddy said we'd have to go winter mustn't find us here
So my daddy and my mama and me packed everything we owned
Put it in this old suitcase and left the place that we called home
Now daddy isn't gettin' any younger and mama bless her heart looked so sad
But we've always been a family with lots of pride
And thankful for everything that we've had
So I know that somehow we're gonna make it
It's gonna take me than this old drought to stop us you'll see
I've got a feeling the grass is gonna be greener for my daddy and my mama and me
My daddy and my mama and me...
My daddy and my mama and me just my daddy and my mama and me

Autor(es): Jimmy Gateley

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