Damn I Said It First

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Why is it when I get wth you
I lose my cool
And end up
Playin' myself this way
I can raise a baby
Get paid and captivate
So why I let you make me crazy

When we're lyin' here I'm in deep
I disappear
You got me feelin' oh, oh, oh
But nothing rips out of bliss like
an accidental slip
Now he knows I'm whipped

What'd I say that for?
Damn I said it first
Why'd I say it first?
Damn I said it first

I know better than to show my hand
I understand don't jump the gun
just play the game
I spoke too soon and now I'm wonderin'
does he or doesn't he feel the same

I could kick myself for all that
comin' out my mouth
I'd take it back if I could
I couldn't hold it in, hold my breath
Just pretend
He just makes me feel too good

What'd I say that for?
Damn I said it first

Now my head's in my hands
Ladies you understand
When you profess to your man
He'll run for cover

The air's getting thicker
He's getting dressed quicker
Ya start to feel sick
"Cause you said I love ya

Now it's too late
You'll just have to wait
Nothin' you can say
Gon' make it better

Three little words
Come out and shake up your world
And now you're freaky and needy
"Cause you said I love ya

Damn I said it first

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