Crucified Barbara

Danger ,Danger

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Danger, danger
Yeah I remember everything
I remember the gig and the pain in my neck
I opened a beer just to cool me down
Then I went straight to bed

I woke up like a princess on the floor
Already dressed and prepared in a makeup
My hair was a mess but it looked kinda cool
Me and my friends
We don't give a damn
Don't give a damn

Danger Danger
So you wanna hear
But I'm pure like Cinderella
So if you wanna rock'n'roll
I won't be your alibi
No, I won't

Yeah I remember everything
I remember the voice calling my name
But I didn't wanna wake up them/then
And I'm old enough to decide for myself
I don't know why there's mud on ____ clothes
I'm sure there is an explanation
Every heard was to me/watching me
It must have been someone else - you say


I am a responsable girl
I dont wait up till the night comes alight
I am a responsable girl
So dont ask me again why
I slept on the floor


Danger Danger...

Autor(es): Crucified Barbara

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