Abbie Gale


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Unset time. Unset place.
Not necessarily a spot in history.
The darkest time of humanity.
The darkest season of earth.
Nothing grows. Nothing evolves.
Darkness covers almost all land.
Unknown if there are any plants or animals
Cause they cannot be seen.
And right in the middle of dark
a small place where humans live
or something that reminds of living.
They live in fear, dream of fear they give birth to fear.
No hope in their aching hearts.
No smile on their broken faces.
And this goes on and on for years and years and years…
And as they fear more and they lose hope
the dark comes closer and closer.
They never touch it, never enter it.
Until they day that Danko is born.
His parents do not differ from other members
of the tribe, oh but Danko does.
He Hopes. And Fears. But still Hopes.
And he grows up.And the little boy becomes a man.
And he gets sick of fear.
He gets bored of not exploring.
Not the dark but his heart. His Burning Heart.
And day after day frightened people
listen to a man called Danko forcing them to move.
Everyone thinks it's madness.
But Danko is very serious.
He never seems to fear, never seems to regret.
And some day more and more live off his hope.
And begin to move.
They take sticks on fire and they have Danko ahead.
Everyone is moving now. Moving into the dark.
Danko is always ahead, shouting to go on.
And now the dark gets deeper.
It's aching to move now. Feet heavy.
Hearts beating fast. But not Danko's.
Sometimes he turns back to them and they see his face,
listen to his words.
Probably they fear Danko more than they fear dark.
And they go on and on.
Light spreads in the heart of black fog.
But dark now plays its dirtiest tricks
and hearts begin to freeze.
And more and more are screaming to go back.
Things get out of control.
No order in the moving tribe now.
They start to blame him.
But Danko will not step back, even now…
He rips off his own heart from his wonderful chest.
Bleeding he holds it up and everyone sees
the most hopeful light they had ever seen.
Danko's Burning Heart gives them hope.
And they go on really fast. No one screams now.
Danko is bleeding. The world starts to fade away.
He looks to his heart and still feels close to it.
His pace is steady. His heart is burning, leading the way.
And after a while Dark begins to scatter and dawn comes
A bright reddish Dawn, the first one in centuries.
Everyone is cheering now. Everyone hopes.
And they are so happy they cannot see
A young man's dead body lying among them
Beside a Heart that's still burning its last sparkles….