Poverty's No Crime

Dare To Fly

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Father you left me - you`ve always been with me
Bringing the sunlight into the day
"Listen to reason and make a decision"
A powerful engine but a few steps away from the edge
How could you leave me so alone ?

Always confusion - too many opinions
The world that I cling to is wasting away
Looking for wisdom in moments of sadness
Is anyone out there to get me away from the pain
You never made me play the game

Killing the state of imagination
I have to walk alone
Where is the sense that I should follow ?
No-one can help me - I?m so alone

I dare to fly - no net in sight
I can feel you by my side
I won`t be the same again

But I know my life will go on
Full of memories deep in my head
Because I know the things you would say
I need something to chain me down

No-one can hurt me - and treat me this way !
Embracing the power - remember the time
Irrational feelings - where are you now ?
Nothing will frighten me anymore !

Every sunrise - the sign of your presence
The moments of sadness - they slipped away
Give me the power to make a decision
To enter my life just a few steps away from the past
You never wanted to leave me this way

Killing the state of indecision
I have to walk alone
Now that I `ve found the role I?m playing ?
No-one can helpme - I`m in between

I dare to fly - no net in sight
Because I know you won`t leave me alone
No, I won`t be a different man
I will be the same again ...........

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