Dark Veil Of Dream

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Dark shadows, obscure veil of dream.
Thoughts freezing the mind.
Pensive mood of motionlessly
Frozen nightmare

And terror as if it is repeating the same phrase over
And over: the one and only the one who is going to live forever,

Will be buried alive forever.
Lacerated, hanged alive and
Writhing with agony bodies embellish
The main road to the sanctuary of eternal life,
Eternal dream, eternal irony and self-oblivion - road to Hell.

Insufferable sorrows and sufferings can not put an end to existence of these miserable, deceived creatures,

Who just for a moment, but felt themselves masters of that tremendous
And indescribable, that what only they could sense,
And that what would remain in their memories forever...
That what they would be deprived of, that for what they had been able

To renounce the real world and simply become a part of embellishment of the endless road - what they considered eternity, masters of dream, eternal dream...

Autor(es): Asguard

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