Day After Day

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I didn't mean to hurt you child
I couldn't think in a better way to make you smile
When all the lights begin to fade
And days and nights look all the same
It's time to say:
"keep what we've had,
as I will always keep you in my head
that's the only way
'cause somehow I know I'll never be away
day after day
the story never ends
and you can be sure
the everything will be ok
we will never be apart (never)
we will never be that far (never)
life will find a way to make us live again
I always knew we were not meant to be
But didn't know it would hurt you so bad,I'm so sorry
(I'm so sorry now)
I love the way you make me smile
I could live for that for a while,but not for a lifetime
I can't change the past
Although I could I think I would never change
Life must go on
'cause we know it's just a line in our history

Autor(es): Hateen