Allison Weiss

Day Break

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Well the day breaks
and I play dead
cause I can't fake
that my empty bed
isn't lonely in the mornings without you

and I'm back where
I was before
and the game's fair
if you're keeping score
but we aren't, are we...

my doubts begin to surface
So tell me
if all of this is worth it

but I like
what I've found
keep me around

and the day's short
so I drive fast
and I've long since
forgot my past
but something's
got me hesitating now

but I'll stay here
and I'll stay still
and I'll stay with you
if you say you will
let me rest my tired head next to yours

and I'm missing
what I never had
second guessing
what my insticts said
when they told me
I've got nothing to fear.

cause I don't.
and I won't.
I wish you were here.

Autor(es): Allison Weiss / Donovan Babb