Amy Martin


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One big White House, four soldiers standing
Staccato rhythm of chopper blades, the president is landing
Everyone's got their cameras out, some of us are chanting
No war, no war; I ask the boys in uniform what they think they're fighting for

They tell me god and country and the manliness of men Pride and power and a comfortable way of living We're all trying to talk, and we're all trying to listen
And in fifteen minutes, I am in love with all of them, I love all of them

What will they see?
What will they do?
What will be done to them?
What fate awaits these fresh faces
How will they be changed?

Politics and policy and postures aside
Can we drop our defenses and just look each other in the eye
Let me take a picture of your innocence, your beauty
You are fragile, precious, someone's baby

What will you see?
What will you do?
What will be done to you?
What fate awaits your fresh faces
How will you be changed?

"There will always be war and I'm happy to fight it"
"I made this choice all on my own"
"I'm 18, I'm 19, I'm 20"
"I'm ready to die for my country"

The capitol shone in the rosy glow of the sunset
Lincoln stared sadly out over the mall
Four boys in uniform walked past the White House
And headed off for the Vietnam Memorial