Dead And Buried

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Com'on get to work now
Sleep when you're dead
Don't you worry 'bout your life now -because
You belong to me for evermore
My slave, my servant and my whore
obey or face the consequences

You never lived a dream, you didn't have the time
You never reached for the sky
And soon you'll come to realize
That it's no use to carry on
'cause you're already

Dead and Buried!
Dead and Buried!
Dead and Buried!
Dead and Buried!

Didn't you know, didn't you care
or did you just try to ignore
That while you eased your consiencenes
You threw yourself into the grave
And you're allready


Why go on you stupid?
What's the point?
There's no glory in the shadows
You'll never know true extacy
no fame, no immortality
Why don't you fucking DIE!!!!!!

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