Kitchen Knife Conspiracy

Dead By Sunrise

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crawling through the darkness you'll be dead by sunrise coming through your back door i came to terrorize you can never get away you can never get away from me pieces of a puzzle calling out my name
i don't want to know you who else can i blame you don't have the answers
i question what you say missing from my picture thoughts of you decay murder cries the witness i just came to repay can you help me save this i just play to reclaim suffocating sickness psychopath on his way you can never have this have this all on your face you cannot deny me so you just run away i need you obsessed with i have you you go away i need you have to try to stay the throbbing the sweating left peeling its all your face the cramping the sobbing the swearing it's all your face i'm cumming inside you i feel you it's on your face

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