Deadly Player

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I've been to the edge of life
I've been through it all
All the people in my way
I loved to see them crawl

Pleading for mercy
I laughed and turned away
Begging me on their knees, to play

I'm the Deadly Player

My middle name is "Deadly"
And I'm looking for a dare
I'm hunting prey, most every day
A lion in his lair

I give no mercy
I'm tolerant to none
This game it's like a disease

You feel me coming
And I'm coming hard
It gets right in you
It'll have you spinning round and round

Now there's no turning back for me
No reason for regrets
Ooh, it's coming, coming down
Here it comes

You feel me coming
And I'm coming hard
I get right in you
Have you spinning round and round

Can't stop, I'm coming
Look out

I'm the Deadly Player
I'm the Deadly Player

Fighting to the edge of life
I must have seen it all
Deadly, dark and dangerous
Your back's against the wall

Giving no mercy
And taking the dare
Senses overwhelming
The hunter's set his snare

Push it to the limit
See how far you get
Push a little further
That's somethng you'll regret

Take a chance and try your luck
To see another day
Don't give a damn, don't give a fuck
For anything you say

Autor(es): Mike Vescera