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Demones Flegei Gar Peri Mou
draw deeply thy breath
Demones Flegei Gar Peri Mou
close thy mouth with right fore finger pressed
Demones Flegei Gar Peri Mou
dash down the hand with a great sweep
Demones Flegei Gar Peri Mou
expelling forcibly thy breath

Soul with virtues and minus
emotions that battle with love and hate
body with instinct and insanity
sensation of pleasure mixed with pain

Feel the crude natural power
give birth to what I had dig lower
evoke the sources of creation
control the power of salvation
lay down to the powers of universe
internalize the harmony of universe
destroy the naive paths of ignorance
control the inner cries of desperation of vitiation

Demones the purely major
Demones the purely minor
Demones sign of expansion
Demones sign of paradox

Touch the joy of the absolute
wear the mask of a fighting rule
swear the oath of macro
turn the chapter of micro
chase the inner freedom
forbidden paths of liberation
follow the voices the crush your mind
beyond the unseen cries of a wasted life

Demones the purely major

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