Bill Staines

Dear Friend

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Dear Friend, oh, your voice
It calls to me above the wind,
That wild and restless wind,
That haunts me now and then,
And you carry me along so I answer
With a song, my friend.
Dear Friend, like a star that shines
across the empty night,
That long and empty night,
Oh, you lead me with your light,
And, though I may come to fall, oh,
You've seen me standing tall,
my friend.

Dear Friend, we have laughed out loud
Together 'til the dawn,
That bright and blessed dawn
That sees us carry on.
And though we go our separate way,
Still we know we've had our day,
my friend.

Oh, I have walked among the flowers,
I have fallen to the floor,
I have felt my wings unbound and
I have wondered what they're for,
Still you've never asked the reason
And you've never asked me why,
So I see myself in freedom when
I look into your eyes.

Dear Friend, we have carried Life
Within us like a fire,
Like a hot and burning fire,
Running and leaping higher,
And though we've danced within the flames,
We will always be the same,
My friend.

Dear Friend, I have seen so many people come and go,
And I've felt water flow through
Years of highs and lows,
So when all is said and through, still my
Thoughts come back to you, my friend.

Autor(es): Bill Staines

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