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He comes out of the dark
Stands in the floor
A body made of steel
His face is grey
His eyes are cold
His dress is black

He walks on the floor
He stops before you
He points at your face
You know you are gone
You can´t escape
No one helps you out

And in your dreams
A voice from Heaven speaks to you
You take a deep breath
It goes softly into your heart
You see a big light
You know there is no pain
When you go further
You can see the paradise

Black death coms into your mind
You can´t move
You know you have to go
You can´t resist
You feel so cold inside
You can hear your heart
You can move, your muscles move
But you are paralyzed
His hand reaches for your chest
It tears out your heart
You see your blood on the floor
And then you break down
His skeleton shines in a pale light
A smile on his face
He walks out of the door
Another body is dead

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