Death Comes Out

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Whoa, such painful intent
Nothing but shattered dreams
Crawling through pain on the floor
Deadly images I have seen
Future madness controlling me
And death comes out to call

My witness, Arise
A soul as black as nightlife
Smiling with his rotted stench
Forgiveness, From lies
They say to heir is human
To dwell divine in this shadow of emptiness

Whoa, They're at it again
Nothing but silent screams
Alone in my mind it is home
In the darkness I just can't see
All the evil surrounding me
And death comes out to call

My vision, Reprised
It's cold as I imagined
Brighter than a thousand fires
A lifetime, resized
Shortened by temptation
Shrouded in this shadow of emptiness

Whoa, Malicious consent
Bound by the horrid scene
Calling to faceless unknowns
Spawn of demons to punish me
Song of Servants they sing to me
When death comes out to call

My heathens, Fly
On wings of destination
Flapping to their mortal sins
I feel it subside
So breathe the smoke of terror
From depths inside this shadow of emptiness

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