Ancient Ceremony

Death In Desire's Masquerade

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Death came to me as Maiden
Death came to me as Beast

Venus smiled at us that eerie Autumn Night
Candlelight Banquet in Victorian Halls enflamed my Love for Her
Even Poet's passionate Verses were unable to evoke
a true Description of such tremendous Fierceness
Though appearing as sweet Woman
such a Beauty could not be human
"Art Thou my Destiny?"
Whilst we embraced Moonlight touched Thy soft Lips
Such pale Skin, as white as purest Snow
Wind curled Thy ebony Hair like Vipers on Medusa's Head
Less the Horror than the Grace turned me almost into Stone
Infected with such idolatrous Shape my deepest Dreams came true
These red magic Eyes, like bleeding Flowers
made me Slave to Her
Erotic Kisses under whispering Trees
were my Foretaste of Eden
Melancholia's Fire burnt in highest Flames
when She told me to leave
"Will Thou be mine again, most sinful of all Demons?"

"Encrimsoned Fullmoon is the Sign
when my Spirit shall cover Thine
At the eldest Oak of the Midnight Forest
I'll teach Thee Secrets buried in Stone
and by a Force to Man unknown
I shall never be alone!"

With blind Thirst for that doomy Hour
I wandered through my Days like (in) Trances
Tears of Blood stole from Moon's Eyes and were Omen to me
Bats haunted deep nightly Woods
whilst we kissed again in fierce Nocturnal Embrace
Love-drunken Slumber led me away from Mortal's sighing World

"Awake now to face my real Countenance!"

Thus to me spake Azrael in the Robe of godlike Beauty

"Hades sent His loveliest Angel
to grant Thee Expiration divine!"

Death came in Desire's Masquerade

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