Death In The Afternoon

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Death in the afternoon
Oh no, it seems to me to be so inhuman
Death in the afternoon
I guess we all should have seen it coming.

Everybody's always saying things are changing
(And not a minute too soon)
I've been looking Œround but only see the same thing.
Another death in the afternoon.

Death in the afternoon
Oh no, there's murder in the hearts of many
And blood on the hands of few,
Oh no, and the pity is, there isn't any.

In a carnival that never, ever closes
There's no shortage of faceless victims
Sure it's a freak show but, honey, ain't that showbiz.
Convince yourself you're so different.
You are.

Human suffering makes good entertainment
If you can package it all up neatly
Let all the media boys make the arrangements
The truth gets covered completely.

Death in the afternoon
And it's coast-to-coast on all the networks
And into your living room-
The ancient Romans took out all the guesswork.

Autor(es): David Faulkner

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