Death Of A King

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A long time ago, long before our era, lived king Altria Nemcheleck.
Straight from birth, he reigned over a huge empire covered by luxurious forests and prairies.
He was born with the power and pride which make men that lead peoples.
But this king was also filled with a limitless bounty.
He was respected and loved by his people,
And when he was riding over his lands,
It was as if an entire army was on the way.
He was so good that he could not find the necessary anger
To defeat neighbouring chiefs who were jealously plotting in order to invade his lands.
Even if he was as strong as one hundred men,
One morning he found himself encircled in his city by rival armies.
As the days were passing by, supplies became scarce.
He realized that this situation was leading them to death
And chosed to die as he ever lived with dignity.
Doors opened and the king rushed at his enemies,
Followed by his most valiant warriors.
This was a terrible battle
And he died under the blows of his too numerous opponents.
And so ends the tale of the king that died by being too good.
And so ends the tale of the king Altria Nemcheleck...