White Wizzard

Death Race

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Out on desert sands
The race it shall begin
To the death and locked in
Wheels start to spin

The checkered flag will fall
As death may come to all
Mechanical beasts in battle
Road warriors to the end

The engine's thrust - Into the night
Battle royal - The ultimate fight
Bullets and octane start to fly
Every man but one - Shall die!

Gasoline and flames
Across the sandy plains
Rockets start to fly
In the desert sky

Exploding overload
On the crimson killing road
Tonight there are no rules
In the final bloody duel

A race to the death
For the power and the glory

Road villains in black
Charging the attack
Steel beasts enraged
There's no turning back

Blades slice into skulls
The armored saint shall fall
Swinging chains and swords
A deadly free for all!

Autor(es): Jon Leon

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