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Icy dark streams bear frightening threat, up to light
Cruising metal warships aim at certain death
Demonstrating significant war fight skills
Large scale trains to high tech weapons bargain

Deployment of the fleet has just begun to spy the silent world
Diving in trouble sea to aim the enemy
Follow orders, undercover
Survey the manoeuvres, don't be captured
Obey orders of the leader
To prevent further threat

Armed torpedoe's fired, hiting the frame
Flooded, submerged, none will be saved
Crew suffocates trapped in the wreckageicy dark streams
Hide underneath a wreck, covered up

Mission's ending with hundred killings just to train
Selling nations weaponry to catastrophe
Technology steadily alter balance of power

Unlikely theories are spread officially
Amid rumours bring panic and chaos
Manipulations to dispel suspicions
And avoid any deathreat