Death Row

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Here I am
Oh my time's rolling slowly by
21 years old
Waiting on my turn to die
Every minute Lord
Every minute seems like five
And if it wasn't for the window
I'd wonder
If the world outside was alive
Yeah, smokin cigarettes
Drinkin' coffee
And waiting on my last meal
I try to pretend

I try to pretend
But this cell is much too real
Oh, I should have left
That chick alone
I curse the day
I curse the day she was born

Oh the old men they tell me
They tell me love
Is akin to hate
But before I die
I just gotta get it straight

Crush out my cigarette
Throw away my coffee and scream
Ah, I don't wanna die
Oh, I don't wanna die

Oh, it's too late
They'll be comin' for me soon
It's too late to pray
And anyway
God can't see this room
I'm startin' to sweat now
It won't be long now
I can see

They're gonna
Put me in that chair
They're gonna
Put me in that chair

And that's how
The end's gonna be
Yeah, it's gettin cold
It's gettin colder
And I'm startin' to scream

Ah I don't wanna die
Don't leave me here to die

Autor(es): Bob Seger

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