Death Under Control

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Don't try to touch my crown
Another angel down
Destroy the senses in me
And let my hatred free
You scream my name out in the dark
Death self construction
No future in a land of lies
Where bombs will fall and humans die

Forever in blood will drowning the holy land
Innocents will fall for deadly reasons

They burn you out
You scream out loud
One man kill for all
In death under control
From hell rise out
In blood he will drown
Now your kingdom fall
Death under control

Your seven deadly sins
The red blood on your wings
The hell is waiting for you
You find the only true
The force will steal your sickened mind
Obscure illussions
This night they falling one by one
In hell will reign confusion

Autor(es): Markus Pohl / R.D. Liapakis / Roberto Dimitri Liapakis

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