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Little boy, come play with me, go hide from me, then
I'll find you, he tries to find me, can he hear me, my
Uncle touch me, run away from this

Culture, i'll try more
Culture, do it better hate more
Culture, scream once and push it
Culture threw it out the door
Culture, talk shit fuck it do it every day
Culture, one time why defaces me

While i wonder, come all so closer, you want to fuck
Me, try and fuck me, i scream in pleasure, i scream to
Nothing, i want to die now, while you rape me

[repeat chorus]

One time why deface me, tell me why rrrgh you raped
Me, tried to ruin me, look what you rrrgh you gave me,
You can't face me

Autor(es): Bill Gaal / Chris Houck / Matt Holt / Nothingface / Tom Maxwell

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