Vienna Teng

Decade and One

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Once when I was thirty-one
I woke in the dead of night
And heard the vastness of the snowfall outside
Slipped downstairs in my bare feet
Soon forgotten freezing
And pour a milk glass full
To wait out the tide

Been a decade and one
Been a decade and one my friends
A decade and one
Since I

As the white went down
I thought of the child upstairs
I thought of the God upstairs
That I couldn't believe
I thought of the chosen man
Asleep on his side of the bed
How green becomes wood
In a family tree

Been a decade and one
Been a decade and one so soon
A decade and one
Since I stood
So proud
And so unsure

Ebony glowing by the window there
As always
Fingers kissed the keys oh so tenderly
Cool ivory returned in kind
I thought of anger and adulation
And the taste of dreams realized
And the waste dreams realized leave behind

A decade and one
A decade and one
I said out loud
A decade and one
And I am here
And I am here still standing

Autor(es): Vienna Teng

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