Frozen Mist

Decomposed Elements

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Chemistry of souls, the facade of it all
Together clash the elements to reconcile.
Gashing out a bloody horror
Destiny forboding a wrecthed reality.

A flash of light beckons from within
Yearning to drown in sorrow
Dismembered skulls of wrath
Believe in me and you will see.

Our decomposed elements
The wretched scars i do not resent.
Our decomposed elements
The wretched scars i do not resent.

Crashing down upon the ground
A stake dilates in eyes of the beholder
Streams of blood fulfill their silence
An epitaph of the blind.

Wretched souls cry in blessed fear...
This endeavor to be saved...
Chapels of light shine down on me...
Stained glass shattered in bleak ruin...

Killing the sanity buried in youth
Insane mortals tred zombie-like affairs
Just spew out your damnest fantasies
A stench of mildew under these timid chairs.

Signs of chaos arise from within
Dominate the dolls of innocence.

There is no beauty captured inside
Oscilliate the falling chandiliers.

You take note of the heavyness
It drowns my inner thoughts of bliss
Decompose the structure of fate
Wicked seduction leads straight to hate.

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