Dedicated To You, But You Weren't Listening

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Famous parabolic versions
Songs that promise:
Beauty, sleep, love, sadness.
Do I dream that something's missing?
Hungry, thirsty, open off-peak mind
Give me the truth, give me the truth,
give me the truth, tell me...

Songs and versesa,
Handy captions,
Photographs of
Real-life action, horror, madness.
Can it be that something's happening?
Wash me, paint me, but please don't taint me
Give me a chance, give me chance,
give me a chance...

When I was young, the sky was blue
And everyone knew what to do
But now it's gone, the telly's here
Mass media, the sewer too

Universal maximillion
Eight rare cases
Chickenpox and crawling gladness
Seemingly it's nothing happening
Cure my doctor
don't swallow him down
Give me the cure, give me the cure,
give me the cure...

The night was cool, the moon was bright,
The air was clear with oxygen
The stars were there, and in my eyes
Were thousands of chrysanthemums

Don't use magnets -
Geophysics carry you back
Wholesome, healthfood, homepride
Something outside gives out hunger
Face my mirror

Autor(es): Hugh Hopper

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